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I was a lymphoma survivor I had a year of chemotherapy '7/10-'8/11, a year & 3 months '8/11-11/'12 off chemotheraphy. I left for the RB on 11/22/12. Thank you to all my wonderful great pals who gave me 2 1/2 years more of life. I am sorry to leave everyone, my 2 sisfurs & brofur,& especially Mom. Please don't ever forget me & the encouragement I may have given other kitties stricken with lymphoma. Don't cry Mom I am ok, really thanks for 15 wonderful years together. I am sorry I left you with a big vet bill mom I didn't mean to.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Me, Peanut & the boys

I haven't updated since Corky I have been severely depressed as many of you know the story I had my cats [Peeky died in 12/09] Danny 7/11 Sheila 10/11 Scoot 11/11 Tazzy 6/12 Shorty 11/12 Momma 10/13 Corky 1/14 every one was within a few days a few months to less then a year when each one left for the bridge. Taking my heart piece by piece with them

Now Peanut's been in ill health since before Corky died & has progressed, she get thyroid heart & high BP meds twice a day PLUS 1/2 baby aspirin every 3 days.
The vet says she has heart failure & its a matter of time, she has lost a lot of weight since her 1st visit to the vet she was a very healthy looking cat

I have been so beaten down by each loss I have so many health problems that I am trying to find out what it all is

I have asthma [not under control] I have high blood pressure [not under control] I have hemachromatosis & been having blood drawn by the pint every 2 weeks, it leaves me feeling exhausted weak & bruised many times & now I see scarring, I have this damn cough it catches me so fast & hard I wretch & vomit & so violently I wet myself.
I see a primary dr, a blood dr, ENT dr, pulmonary dr, I am so depressed dead tired that I can't even get the strength to start on a dentist [my tooth cracked until its just a root now...grateful the dentist had cleaned it up a bit & deadend the nerve or I'd be in "kill some one" pain], but it needs to be taken care of because my partial won't stay up [its the tooth with the clip]

I applied to get some benefits I am still waiting its a long process I went to their drs. I am glad they are treating it from Oct 2013 & not from Mar 2014.

I stretch out every dollar that I can to go further, but Junes rent did not get paid the landlord keeps calling me, now with Julys rent looming up [Wed is the 1st] he can serve me with a disposses/eviction notice since the month is now over & no payment was received [I was warned to pay up by the 10th of each month]
I got a rent increase of $75 more a month this included a fuel increase & this is retro-active back to Jan 2014. So far its now 7 months X $75.00 = $525 just in retro active increases.

The boys are fine
 Shorty & Pokey 








 Meds Peanut takes




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